If you can't find what they want, then have us build it. We make it easy, fun, and affordable. We offer 2.5% Co-op of the base price in our Communities and a tiered Co-op for Custom & waterfront Homes and all you have to do is send them our way...

Custom & Waterfront Homes Commission Co-op rate*

Homes up to $500,000  2.5%

Homes 500,001-750,000 3.0%

Homes 750,001+ 3.5%

50% of Commission paid at Completion of Framing and balance of Commission paid at Settlement or Final Bank Draw for Custom Homes.


There are many benefits to presenting a new home to your buyer:

  • Many home buyers love the idea of building new because they can make it their own and from the undefinedbeginning it will often have all the features that meet their wants and needs. If you have a client that is looking for something specific then build new will make everyone happy. They will thank you for leading them here and will be happy that they got exactly what they envisioned.
  • If they want new but don't want to wait, we usually have inventory available or currently under construction. Please see quick delivery homes for available inventory
  • When building new, THEY get to pick the colors, fixtures, and any floor plan changes. This the most exciting and fun part for the home buyer. Why shouldn't buying a new home also be fun!
  • We have great rapport with many realtors. Once we have built and settled a home with their happy client, they bring more buyers back because they trust our process. It make's you job easier and the home buyer happy.
  • Home buyers receive many added incentives and seller closing cost help, that they do not usually receive with a re-sale! Who doesn't like to save money. You look like a hero and they have less to worry about with bringing a big check at settlement.

There are so many more benefits, but instead of reading about them, bring by your buyer to our Sales Office in Kent Island and find out why it will the best decision you helped them make.



*Custom Homes and waterfront homes, price does not include lot unless buyer has JLS Design acquire lot as part of home/lot package. Commission is on contract amount only, any options purchased by buyer after contract are not included.

 Kent Island Sales Center

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