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Waterfront Homes

Smucker Homes, inc is the leader in waterfront construction in Kent and Queen Anne's County. We have designed and built more waterfront projects in the area than any other builder in the past 5 years. Our knowledge allows for our clients to experience streamline completion of permits and construction. All of our waterfront homes are custom designed by the owner of the company. His 20 years of design experience helps create waterfront homes designed to take advantage of the views and orientation of the property. All of our waterfront homes are designed and built with products to withstand the intense conditions which can occur along the water's edge.  

We offer complete services for waterfront construction, including County permitting, MDE permitting, Custom Home design, construction of homes, waterfront amenities and shoreline protection. 

We offer all of the services, as a package or individually, depending upon the clients’ desires. This allows you, the client, to relax during the process and let us handle the difficulties of the permitting process and managing the construction.

Building on the waterfront offers additional challenges due to soil conditions, and design criteria. JLS Design has the experience and understanding of working with sites that offer the challenges of home construction along the waterfront. We build our homes with stronger windows to prevent heat loss and offer several energy savings options, which reduce the cost of living by the water.

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Contact us to learn more about how we can assist building your dream waterfront home.