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Why Design/Build?

Design-build firms take on the responsibilities of architects, contractors and  

construction companies, all under one roof. These firms focus on a streamlined process, from the initial design to the estimating
phase to physical construction, in the hope of creating an efficient experience for both the client and the 

company. Because the entire project is happening undefinedwithin one company, design-build firms are able to overlap the design and construction 

phases of the project, often speeding up the project significantly. In addition, these firms work to minimize risks for the project owner through single-point responsibility contracts.

What is Design/Build?

In short, it’s a better process for remodeling and building new homes.  Design-Build is a team approach to designing and constructing a house or remodel, where all the players…the architect, contractor and customer are part of the same team and work together from start to finish. People typically find this a less stressful process because:

Outstanding Coordination & Collaboration

It takes extraordinary people to build an extraordinary home. We are a design-build firm strong in our industry because we only employ experts in every field and understand the value of a cooperative mindset.  Many years of experience led us to our 3-legged stool approach placing builder, customer and architect all at the same table. This proven process unites the necessary players providing a solid foundation for our relationship with you.

Constant Communication

We are committed to communication and teamwork from concept to completion and strive to maintain a hands-on, high touch style that allows us to work with you every step of the way to ensure your homebuilding experience is a pleasant one. Our highly skilled and talented professionals will guide you with recommendations on everything from siding to door knobs.

You stay on budget.

There’s no “sticker-shock” because the design-build model ensures that your budget is an integral part of the design process and considered in all design and building decisions. We employ the most rigorous and comprehensive planning process to eliminate any guesswork. Clear expectations are set from the beginning and every member of the team works together to ensure a successful build every time.

No Surprises.We anticipate challenges and develop solutions quickly and efficiently, insulating you from potential stresses. If you need to change anything once the building process is underway, your architect is still engaged with the project and can easily suggest and assist with changes.


How the Design Build Process Worksundefined

As architects and contractors working together from the very beginning of the process, we help you establish your design criteria and scope of work, and guide you in setting an appropriate budget. You continue to work with both architect and builder where we put our combined years of residential expertise to work developing the best design for your particular needs, and tailoring it all to the budget we set-up at the beginning of the process. Once we have all drawings, specifications and permits in hand, we start construction.

And here’s where design-build really makes a difference:
our entire team is fully invested in seeing the design vision realized in full, down to the smallest detail. Your architect is in touch with the construction process on a daily basis; our carpenters and subcontractors are familiar with and care 

about the level of craft that we expect. Your home is finished to the level of quality that we all envision, on time and on budget.undefined


Benefits of Design Build Process for Residential Homes


We start working with you as your builder. Through that process we get to know each other really well, and you come to know and understand our process, our entire team and more importantly, our values. Moving into construction is a very easy, natural transition. The process is seamless and hassle-free for a home-owner, especially compared to the more traditional design-bid-build process.


The Smucker Homes culture stems from a strong sense of ethics, morals and integrity. Since all the players are on the same team, we’re all equally responsible and committed to creating a successful project! This is not a job for us; it’s our passion and we are committed to making sure you are happy in your new home.